DeckSTAR Decking

Timber NZ are exclusive importers of DeckSTAR range of products.

Why is DeckSTAR the ultimate decking solution?

DeckSTAR is pre-finished with a unique teak oil coating, and is engineered to be long and straight.

DeckSTAR decking products will save you time and money on your next decking project.


What is DeckSTAR?

DeckSTAR is a specifically manufactured solid timber product. Its' design and construction is unique as decking in that it is manufactured from off-cuts and other solid timber pieces.

How is it made?

Timber pieces are finger-jointed and then laminated together to form 1 solid piece. This particular construction has been specifically designed by engineers to be used as decking. A 3mm thick "skin" is then glued onto 1 or more sides to give an appearance of "normal" machined timber decking.

What types of timber species are they?

Apart from the glue element, DeckSTAR products are 100% Merbau (kwila). What about the glue? Is it suitable for outdoors? The glue is a phenol-resorcinol glue used extensively throughout Europe and Japan, not just for outdoor use, but also for marine use, including seawater. It complies with European Standard EN204 D4-4,5.6 and Japanese Standard JIS K6806 for industrial, water-proof adhesives. Comprehensive data sheets are available on request.

What type of "pre-finishing" is used?

The "finisher" on DeckSTAR is a specially formulated "Teak-Oil", offering initial protection from the elements. Whilst it is important to remember that all timber weathers naturally, this compound does increase the amount of time between re-oilings if, or, as required. Comprehensive data sheets are available on request.

What quality assurances do I have?

The manufacturer exports 100% of their products to Japan, Europe, USA and Australia. As such they carry the relevant quality assurance controls and certifications that are required for these markets, including "JAS-ANZ" certification. DeckSTAR products and production, have ISO-9001 quality control accreditation. The manufacturer guarantees all their products are "fit for purpose" and offer and offers a specific guarantee against faulty workmanship and defective materials.

It sounds like DeckSTAR is similar to other composite deckings?

It is important to understand that DeckSTAR is NOT another reconstituted plastic / petrochemical product. Most composite decking products do not feel or look like timber. Apart from the glue element, DeckSTAR is 100% solid timber, mainly Merbau(kwila)

Can I install DeckSTAR as I would normal Merbau(kwila) decking?

Of course! It is important to remember that DeckSTAR is solid timber decking, but without the usual hassles of random lengths and bow and spring. Unlike most wood-composite products, DeckSTAR does not require any special fasteners and can be installed at the usual 450mm, joist spacing. It should be installed as you would any normal timber decking. Pre-drilling is recommended near the ends of each piece, to avoid splitting.

Why should I use DeckSTAR instead of "normal" timber decking?

The advantages of DeckSTAR are quite simple:

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